There are a number of bookmakers now offering mobile betting apps for a variety of different phones. In this article and section of the website I’ll look at the best mobile apps for sports gambling and what they’ve got to offer punters.

1. Mobile Bookmaker App – Bet365


Bet365 Mobile AppWhen looking at a number of different mobile gambling apps on offer, there was one that stood out above the rest as the best, and that was the offering from Bet365. Their app has it all really, and despite its gray colors, the functionality is second to none. Bet365 offers a huge number of markets via its app, most of which can be bet on “in play”, allowing you to place bets while the action is unfolding. Couple this with live streaming of certain horse races and events, all from the comfort of your phone wherever you may be, and this is a sweet recipe for success.

Everything runs quickly and smoothly with Bet365, from the initial sign up and registration, through to placing a bet and then withdrawing your winnings. You can do all of this from the phone, or switch seamlessly to a computer, or vice-versa. You can do this because your account stays the same no matter which device you are using.

Bet365’s mobile application is the largest and best functioning app on the market and works across the entire spectrum of smart phone devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re on an iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Samsung or Android phone; the quality exists wherever you sign in from.

2. Mobile Bookie – Paddy Power


Paddy Power Mobile AppComing in a close second here is the mobile betting app offering of Paddy Power. In fact, the difference between Paddy Power and Bet365 is so small in terms of usability that it could well be called a photo finish. As with Bet365, the Paddy Power app gives access to thousands of markets, and they can all be accessed quickly and easily from the menu screen. Finding markets to bet on is easy too, as they are all found in their respective sections, and it only takes a maximum of a two to three taps to get to where you need to be.

Paddy Power also has a handy A-Z listing, which is either easy or difficult to use depending on your viewpoint. If your chosen sport is near the top, then it’s an easy way forward, but for sports fans that want to bet on “zorbing” then it becomes a trickier affair.

Paddy Power also offers in play gambling as you would expect, plus the ability to stream live footage directly onto your phone. It’s one of the best mobile apps around for sports gambling and worth its place on our list above the Betfred app.

3. Mobile Betting App – Betfred

Betfred Mobile AppBetfred’s mobile app tends to work very well indeed, and in most cases flawlessly. They are rated as one of the best bookmakers available, and their odds are usually in the top 10%.

Their take on the mobile gambling app market is to make a fully functional app without too many gimmicks. This works well to be honest, as you get an app that runs quickly even when out of range of Wi-Fi or 3G. The layout is clean and clear but doesn’t have quite so much panache about it that you get with Paddy Power app and Bet365 app.

There are many features here that are available with the top two, and you could quite easily use this app as your main app for sports, and many people do. What really hits you about this app is it’s apparent simplicity, although its arguable that they have sacrificed just a little too much design work for the sake of usability.